Sereda in art studio

Peace! It’s Queen_Sereda (follow me on Instagram). I come to you today from my art studio in the basement. I know it sounds dark and damp. Thankfully its not lol! On the other hand the studio space its carpeted with two nice sized windows that give tons of light in the daytime hours.


Today I woke up with the inspiration to really take more action. So here I am. I want to officially Thank you for joining me for this Newly released daily appreciation blog moment in time. This important practice is a little thing I do daily to remember who am and why I am here.


Keep checking for more updates where I share various art, inspirations, tools with resources for how to live your very best life as a divine being on earth right now. As you enjoy this random- in the moment appreciation list of mine, what are you grateful for, what do you appreciate for yourself?

Today I’m grateful for:


Waking up this morning


Being eternal

Making love this morning

Feeling good

The ancestor who is coming through this art on my desk

My family

My clients

Time to create art cheat sheet

22 Encouraging Ways to find more time to create more Mixed Media art.

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