CosmicQueenSelmaWelcome! Peace and love to you.

I’m Queen Sereda: The Bliss Goddess. I’m glad you’re here. You will find bits of my creative works, art classes, original ancestral art, daily updates on self love, gratitude, artistic expressions, writings about my favorite things, thoughts, inspirations here.

In other words, I’m supportive of a person living their truth. i know you can use some support sometimes because -living in your purpose takes courage! At times it also requires teamwork to get to where you want to be as you live in your purpose.

Excuse me why i get a bit metaphysical with you for a minute (which is the other topic I share often on this site. It’s metaphysics… alright, here’s my deep dive….

….Here at, I stand in a woman’s body, ready to work with you. I feel in all my heart that life is supposed to feel good. Together as fellow inspired creatives, we can cultivate more peace, love and joy on the planet. It’s why I offer online classes, energy work, blog updates, and visual art to be of assistance in a healing loving way.

Since I was little, I felt the need to create happy art. Art started as my own personal therapy as it still is for me today. Then as time went on I continued to create intuitive works of channeled Art.

The process of making art via intuition and using various mixed media styles opened another world for me to explore the meaning of life through. For that I am thankful. My ancestors share via symbolism, stories, colors and shapes. My art is a humble celebration of being an extension of the ones who came before me. Yet at the same time I honor the oneness of all that is through each and every piece of art.

I tune into the whispers of various, mysterious, benevolent, ancient beings who regularly speak through me. Each art piece is created organically. Each piece of my art is one of a kind and created in the highest quality. In my day to day I write, do psychic plus astrology readings, paint, sketch, hangout in nature, collect delicious things for the purpose of reminding my person of what I came to do on earth.


Hope you enjoy!




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Hi beautiful! My name is Queen Sereda and I am the director and co-creator of the website, Naturally High Life and Sereda Dailey. I live in Colorado with my loving family currently.

I began blogging back in 2006 as a tiny way to share my appreciation for life, online classes, spiritual awakening experiences, intuitive readings, healing, channeled intuitive art and mindfulness tips.

For the past few years, my personal goal to myself has been to live a more Naturally High Life-one that's filled with deeper intention, self love, happiness, inspiration, grace, truth, gratefulness, enjoyment, love and peace.

To document my appreciation for life for the past few years, each week I've been collecting these lists of movies, underground music, playlists, memes, neat links, tools and resources while documenting amazing music, deep metaphysical stuff, lectures plus wonderful people.

If you're about the good life, I'm with that too and I'm also here to support that important -wise- mindfulness practice of self love. Everything that shows up in the newsletter each Friday, has the power to remind us of who we are as Divine Beings.

That's my only goal. It's about empowerment. All the selections and findings are blessings that have touched me in someway and I want share them with you.

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May the ancestors continue to light the way,

Queen Sereda

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