Almost raw breakfast bowlIt’s 1pm in the afternoon , yes It’s still brunch over here…🎈🙌🏾

Ever since I stopped eating refined sugars I’ve been on the hunt for healthy recipes and ideas even! Eating boring tasteless food is never the goal for me. So I knew I needed to do my research to find the goodness I knew I was due. It wasn’t so bad though, To my surprise, I found this simple recipe online for a raw breakfast bowl. I may have started drooling when I saw this thing (let me tell you)!

Before I go on rambling, When was the last time you looked at some bomb food knowing it was going to be so delicious just from taking a glance at it or from looking at a picture of it? Ok so I’m sure you feel me on this! This homemade dreamy breakfast bowl had that effect on me for real!

I kept myself positive as I watched the video of the breakfast bowl being put together. At the same time though. I knew I was already on board with having my own breakfast bowl from jump street ok!

During the video, My over active mind was reviewing my current inventory of groceries. To my amazement I had many of the items I needed to make a breakfast bowl myself. So I set out to make it happen for very the next morning, which also happens to be a sunny Sunday morning in Atlanta.

My body couldn’t wait to wake up to experience some new food concoction. Eating healthy worth it and This year I went for a check up to I find out that I may need to lower my refined sugar intake to keep my health balanced. Immediately I felt irritated by the thought of change lol🙈😳. I knew the time had come to move on from the bad sweets. Then later that day I set out to make the return to ultra healthy eating a happy experience. It was a perfect moment to get some variety again.

I used to be a happy strict vegan for many years. I’m not saying I’m going vegan again, however I am saying that I am currently totally embracing a well balanced healthy eating lifestyle full time.

I really hope you make some time to create this amazing breakfast bowl. If you have already, then you know the deal already! If you’re like me then you probably feel its fun to put foods together to make something tasty from various ingredients! Its all plain alchemy. The action of Putting different items together to create something new is one of the best opportunities to create as well as to be creative.

Anyway, let me get to the items I put into the bowl then be sure to look for the link below where I share the link to the video that initially inspired me to wilst this easy delectable meal together at home in only 5 minutes. Its storyTime Here’s the breakdown.

Earlier I was telling you how it’s Sunday morning here. Sundays for me usually mean making time to eat some ultra good Food I ❤️ love. To accomplish this simple goal I prepared my food selections the day before by looking for them in my house to see if I was in fact missing anything that would impede me from putting my breakfast bowl together. I wanted to make the best bowl so I stepped out to the market to grab a couple things just in case!

I woke up ready for action, still inspired to make a Raw breakfast bowl with homemade banana milk with 1 cup of good water, a banana, 1 small to medium diced apple, flax meal, oats, cinnamon, a dash of sea salt, local honey, golden and regular raisins, unsweetened coconut, Brazil nuts, vanilla extract, almonds, cashews.

Make this for yourself🔥. This is so good you will fall in love after first sight then once you take a bite…man it’s over! I can’t wait to hear what you think of it.

The next time I make this I’ll make it with dates instead of the honey since I love dates too! However the little bit of honey I used instead of the dates in my bowl tastes like heaven.

Enjoy the day and I’ll have to make this lovely bowl to show you more pictures one day. Until the next time, please let me know if you have made this type of breakfast bowl and how you like it or let me know if you plan to have this breakfast bowl one day.

I’d love to hear about what you can put together with your creative self! I gotta go so here’s that link. Breakfast bowl video Alright, peace✌🏾