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Painting fun, free, loose watercolor flowers is the theme of my morning.

 “I only write when I am inspired.  Fortunately, I am inspired at 9 o’clock every morning.” – William Faulkner

Good day.. I hope your day is Rollin alright. I’m good too.

Grab a warm drink. Come join me! I’m just prepping my watercolor journal before I begin writing, sketching plus fooling in it.

Autumn is just about here🙌🏾. I’m in here, multitasking a bit.

Here at home, taking like 15 minutes to create something colorful plus floral that I can add more details to at another time. Maybe later I can add more texture, meaning or color to my piece.

Or I can actually make a little bit of art that I can even finish within a couple minutes this morning before noon.

Since moving to Colorado I’ve learned how to stop the massive procrastination that I used take myself through. At this stage in life though- I’m being careful to just get started, to just make time for what I love.

Why this arts and crafts stuff you ask??? It’s especially because making art- is so healing, moving, loving, life transforming!♥️

Currently, this art making is my therapy besides doing Qi gong, working out plus meditation.

The art making is beautiful since it’s so very relaxing to play with various fluid watercolor flowers or anything else you decide to paint.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you may know how much I love making time for creating my art.

If you didn’t know it already- the other thing besides portraits that I love painting is flowers! They’re so forgiving. 😄

Ok, it’s your turn, What do love to create, make, put together, start or invent creatively? What’s your most favorite type of creative art to spend your time on?

I’d love to read all about it.. drop your comment below. Stick with me for More creative inspiration later- peace for now 🍯👑🌹👋.

More Powerful Reasons to Make Time for Doing the Art you love ❤️

Hey, fellow creative spirit,

I'm writing this blog to explore some meaningful reasons to keep on making your glorious art for yourself and for the world.

Let's go explore what the heck is an artist?

Those who are known as artists are only called artists because they create.

Artists are inventors. Inventors must have the desire then the will to do what they know they must do.

Just think about: What would happen if a person were to not make any art as often as they want to? This person may feel disconnected, depressed, lost, confused, like they are alone or scared to make mistakes as they create.

If a person doesn't make the art they love, no one shall ever have any artwork to admire from the blessed creative spirit's own hands.

Art thou making time to create thy art?

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Artists don't usually hold back making art for no reason. It's usually fear that paralyzes them. Fear of failing or not doing art well is often a problem for beginner artists more than anything.

The truth is: Usually artists experience a yearning to express themselves. Many artists have learned over time to answer the mysterious call to express themselves in the form of lines, words, colors and textures without waiting for the shameful voice of reason to come barging in unwelcomed.

How can you begin creating art on a regular basis, on your own, by sheer self motivation?

Walk with me, let's explore.

Today I am thinking about how I had to literally make time to make the art that I wanted to make before it ever got done! As I'm thinking back, it wasn't an accident. I had to make it an important thing!

It's been so many years since the days when I questioned myself to see if I needed to create a sketch or play in my art supplies or not.

I can't believe I used to actually question if i should make art. Especially when making art had me feeling amazing before, during and after I finished a piece. What the heck what I thinking about?! I decided to keep going until something happened with me and my art. Then it did.♥️

So I decided to stop taking it so friggin seriously. Just play for a change, dang!

Are you even having fun? Your art can feel like play depending on how you decide to approach your art practice.

Sometimes we're caught up in being perfect little art makers then years pass with too much time spend on holding back until the black pearl of art creation comes out of us. Who said it had to be that way though?

Back when I approached making art as some serious thing where I couldn't color outside the lines. I used to take my art way too seriously.

Just be open

Give yourself permission to let go of any BS which is holding you back from enjoying what you love.

Honestly I used to dread making art when I was younger because I thought I was always doing something wrong. Until the past 4 years I decided that I love playing, getting inspired, exploring, trying new stuff, breaking art rules, healing, soothing myself during art time.

What I found was that giving all I had in just a few moments of time during my day gave me abundant blessings in so many ways.

It was several years ago that I knew that I had to give myself to playing with art. From there, several days a week I began to get piece after piece of my art done. Like actually really done ✅! I was delighted. Inspirational stuff really helped me keep going with my art practice.

It was finally happening!

It was exciting to break the old way of doing my art. I used to feel bad or embarrassed when I didn't draw something the way I had it in my head. Soon I realized that I was only slowing myself down by walking around being judgmental while not supporting my creative self. And with that formula my art wouldn't get done well or at all.

I began looking for some encouragement so I could keep going. One day I even asked myself the direct question so I wouldn't have to question my motives on art making anymore.

After really making time weekly to feel good And to be more appreciative of the life I have is what changed for me. Then I learned to get free with my art.

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Do it for your inner child

Release any expectations of perfection.

This allows the inner child within who may not have gotten a chance to make enough art as a child, to really have another chance to play for the sake of having fun, this time as an adult.

I once took a course once on how to love yourself through the art you make then my life was changed yet again. Great artists have said repeatedly that your art is your life. You have to create now. There is no reason to wait. Or plan or brainstorm for ideas ! Grab some inspiration then Go.

  • Go do what you love.

  • Enjoy what you're passionate about.

  • Allow your muse to dance passionately with you as you already know that some of the best things in this world are allowing yourself to make stuff.

  • Be as creative as you can with the time you have today.

It can be hard sometimes

Sure you can feel overwhelmed by all the options of supplies, trying to find the time to carve out just a little piece of heaven to color and paint.

Think about when you feel stressed about what art to make? When? How? How long?

Drop it and say to yourself: who cares, am I having fun yet?

Let the fear fall away little by little with taking in deeper breaths. Do this, while you dance free in the middle of all the art inspiration in your mind, all of the ideas and everything to celebrate your art.

The celebration for art is an inside thing you have with yourself. It's a very intuitive, intimate space that most people on the outside may never get or understand. This is quite alright, since its not for them. Its for you.

You're right where you need to be.

  • What I've learned with so many other inspirational women is that you can't do art badly.

  • You are the judge of your work. Instead of making excuses, instead of doubting your skills and not making your precious art…

  • Go make that flippin art!

So often we find ourselves doing things that we don't want to be doing. But why? When you can take out a to do list to add art making time to that thing to actually do it. How often do you spend time doing tasks for longer than you want to be doing them when that time could of been some magical art making time? If you were like me before, then it was too many

Life is a personal journey really. It's about getting to what you Really want to do.

You may be thinking that you need to set art to the side until you can justify a damn good reason for creating some! That's not true!

Let me let you in on a secret: I'll assure you my artsy friend that You don't have to have large spans of time to create art.

Yes! You can draw and paint beautifully within small window of time.

I call it: Making Art in Bite Sized pieces

I've had to do it myself to finish some "fracking" art so I could stop the unnecessary procrastinating- staring at a blank azz piece of paper hoping something would jump onto the paper or canvas by itself.

It never happened though… not by itself.

You've got to be intentional.

Be determined, then watch as the ethereal secret art creating sauce begins to ooze out of everything you do. You then become the very inspirational muse you once wished you were, at once!

And once that takes place honey, Your unique art will flow from you with ease, within your available time.

First things first

Be open to doing more of what you love. Whatever that is! Make a plea to do it. Just start there.

  1. Start by creating around your other activities.

  2. Keep supplies easily within your reach at all times.

  3. Don't wait until you're in the mood to make art.

  4. Schedule an art making session on your calendar.

  5. Mind your environment for clutter and cleanliness to your standards "if this is something that you care about."

  6. Decorate your space with inspirational art of your own and with other art that suits you.

  7. Sit while meditating on the art you want to complete. Yes look at your own art for inspiration often. You're amazing. Accept yourself today!

  8. Realize that Art does not have to be started and finished in one fell swoop.

  9. When you see completed art pieces just remember that person had to say yes to their art to make any art at all. We must do the same or else we'll only dream of art instead of making some.

The truth is: Nobody really has time to make art. You really have to make time for your art.

That's all I had for this blog. I bet I left out some very effective tips to make time for making art.

We want to hear from you to know how you find the balance in your life to create when it's not always so easy?

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How do you make time to make art for yourself when you feel you don't have the time? Do you struggle with find balance with life and making your own art?

We want to hear about what's working for you? What's not? I eagerly look forward to your comments and replies.

To your success,

Queen Sereda


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